About Us

Joshi Law, PLLC, is dedicated to making people’s financial lives better and more secure. The main focus of the firm is to help people get their finances organized for both the present and the future.  We practice in the areas of bankruptcy law and wills and estates.

Manish Joshi is not just a bankruptcy attorney, but a bankruptcy expert.  He  wants to help every individual, family, and small business who needs bankruptcy protection get the relief they need.

Manish worked as a Staff Attorney for a Chapter 13 Trustee for many years. He knows the bankruptcy system from the inside because he worked with attorneys for debtors, creditors, other trustees, and the Bankruptcy Court.

Manish saw the difference it makes in people’s lives when their bankruptcy case is handled properly by taking the time to understand each person’s unique situation. He is ready to help you move forward with the law on your side.

Every person needs a will to make sure that their financial matters are settled in the way they want after they pass away.  Manish can make sure your final wishes are known and your loved ones don’t have to more to deal with at a difficult time.